Multi Room Music & Video

Our superlative multi room audio and video options create a totally immersive experience. The world of music and video technology is fast paced and constantly changing. Our design team keep up to speed with developments to bring you a futuristic pathway to enjoying your downtime.

With these impressive systems, you can play the same music in every room, or different in each – all through a single central media player. With busy lifestyles, no one’s in the same place for long. With our intelligent systems you can start watching your favourite TV show in the kitchen and then move to the lounge to seamlessly pick it up where you left off. Our room to room systems offer the very best in viewing flexibility with simple to use programmes.

NGC Systems is top of the game when it comes to installing smart systems that seamlessly run throughout your home, providing the ultimate in multi-room fluidity. The result is effortless and pure indulgence - integrating quality with pleasure.

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